Intro to Aviation Maintenance


In conjunction with University of Alaska Anchorage Aviation Technology Center, BBRCTE offers an Introduction to Aviation Maintenance course taught by Assistant Professor Wade Weiss. This course will introduce students to the fundamentals of maintaining an aircraft’s airframe and powerplant, including but not limited to: aircraft landing gear systems, aircraft materials, hardware and processes, aircraft weight and balance, aircraft cleaning and corrosion control, fundamentals of aircraft reciprocating engines, fundamentals of electricity and electronics, mathematics in aviation maintenance, inspection concepts and techniques, physics for aviation, propellers, and much more! During this course students will spend part of their day working in a classroom environment and the other part of their day working hands-on with aircraft, engines, equipment and tools related to aircraft maintenance. This allows students to begin logging time in their Aircraft Maintenance Technician (AMT) Logbook.

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Intensive Week 2: 11/6/2023-11/10/2023







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Age Requirement: High School
Prerequisites: None

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