Intro to Construction – NCCER Core 1


NCCER Core is designed as a rigorous, competency-based, industry-recognized program for career and technical education. Students may complete the required elements sooner or later than the recommended 150 hours of knowledge and skills-based instruction, depending on their individual proficiency in mastering the content. NCCER Core is a prerequisite to all other Level 1 craft curriculum. Its modules cover topics such as Basic Safety, Communication Skills and Introduction to Construction Drawings. The recently released sixth edition of Core features a new, elective module introducing construction careers, more rigorous performance tests and extensive updates on math, hand tools, power tools and drawings. Completing this curriculum gives the trainee the basic skills needed to continue education in any craft area he or she chooses.

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Week 1 Intensive: 10/01-10/07/2023




3 credits



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Age Requirement: None

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