Introduction to Aviation, AV-STEM – Distance


Students will work through 10 modules covering a wide variety of aviation topics incorporating hands-on math and science. Students will be introduced to career pathways in the aviation industry through interviews with individuals who specialize in those areas. At the conclusion of the course students will understand major components of the aviation environment. They will also understand that there are many opportunities relating to aviation besides being a pilot. All classes will be online. Av-STEM instructors as well as ARAA Program Manager, Jenny Shryock, will be readily available for consultation via email or phone.

Course Outline: Introduction, Aviation History, Introduction to Aerodynamics, Introduction to Flight Simulator, Aviation Charts, Navigation, Flight Calculations, Aircraft Instruments, Aviation Weather, Predicting Flight Performance, Weight and Balance, and Career Pathways.

EXCITING CAREER POSSIBILITIES: Throughout the course, students are introduced to a wide variety of aviation related careers that are presented through interviews with individuals working in those fields.

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Age Requirement: 8th-12th Grade
Prerequisites: None

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