Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (ARAA-UAV)


In conjunction with B-town Productions, BBRCTE offers a course in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles taught by Steven Glasheen, a certificated drone and private pilot born and raised in rural Alaska. Students who participate in the course will learn basic flight controls of drones, part 107 certificate requirements, the application of drones in their community, and the importance of drone technology in today’s economy. An emphasis on cinematography will drive the students to become familiar with the application of drones in the business world as well as the importance of highlighting crucial topics and stories in their communities. During this course students will be expected to be working in a classroom environment learning about the overview of drones, the part 107 certificate, and the application of drones. In the latter half of the course, students will learn how to navigate student-created obstacle courses and airspace requirements. Students will also be expected to work in teams and along with the instructor to produce a highlight reel that tells a story and that will be shown at the end of the intensive week. This course allows students to explore the world of drones and their application from a business standpoint in addition to utilizing drones to better their communities.

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Intensive Week 3: 03/18-03/23/2024







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Age Requirement: High School
Prerequisites: None

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