Commercial Fishing For Credit


Are you a commercial fishing crew member? Or looking to become crew this summer? Register for Commercial Fishing for Credit (CF4C) to receive .5 high school Vocational/Cultural/Fine Arts credit! CF4C includes set net, drift, and seine operations. Attached to this registration is a document called CF4C Introduction. Please read it to understand WHY we are crediting students for commercial fishing. Also attached is the Proficiency Checklist(s). Please read below to learn more.

CF4C Introduction

CF4C Flyer

CF4C Requirements

  • You must work a minimum of 14 days at the set net site or on drifter/seiner to receive .5 HS credit.
  • Attached to this registration is the Proficiency Checklist, which includes many valuable skills/knowledge. The Checklist includes skills that span all gear types and individual checklists that are specific to unique gear types. (There is even a unique checklist for Ekuk!) Print the “General” checklist and the checklist that pertains to your gear type. Example: If you are a Chignik Seiner, please print the general checklist AND the Chignik seiner checklist. If the skill does not apply to you or your gear type, your Captain can leave it blank. Your Capt’ or Site Lead needs to confirm you are proficient in at least 10 of the skills, total.  Please print these forms and take them fishing. Ask your Capt’ to complete the form at the end of your season.
  • Text or email a photo of the form(s) to Misa no later than Sept 1st, 2024 to receive .5 credit.

Captain’s Checklist Download

Applications due Saturday, June 15th

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Age Requirement: High School
Prerequisites: None

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