Vessel Services & Maintenance I


Vessel Services and Maintenance will focus on preparing you to work as Bristol Bay Commercial Fisherman, though, the skills taught are transferable beyond the Bay. This is a two part course; the cohort will attend Intensive Week 3 (Part I) and Intensive Week 4 (Part II). Attending Part II is not required, but encouraged. If Part II is not filled, we will accept new students to the cohort. This, in conjunction with Part II, makes up the first tier of the Skipper Apprenticeship Training Program. Four college credits are available to students who complete both Part I and Part II; two credits per session.

Vessel Services & Maintenance Part I covers AMSEA crew class training, Intro to Boat Work, and an Intro to Marine Propulsion. The AMSEA crew class training will include the certification of US Coast Guard recognized onboard drill conductor. The Intro to Boat Work is a completely hands-on training opportunity that incorporates proper tool use with personal protective equipment, hand tools, chemicals, power tools, hoses and clamps, fasteners, intro to wiring. The Marine Propulsion portion of this training combines introduction to diesel engine mechanics and maintenance as well as hands-on work on outboard motors.

Your instructors will be Alaska Sea Grant Marine advisory program agents, Gabe Dunham and Tav Ammu, both Bristol Bay commercial fishing captains. This training is the first part of a two series training program.

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Intensive Week 3: 03/18-03/23/2024




2 credits



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Age Requirement: High School

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